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  1. What are Social Listening and Social Monitoring?

    Social Listening and Social Monitoring are the tools for Brands to get the customers’ minds and listen to their “voices” in the social media space. Brands could utilize these tools to prevent any crisis from the dissatisfaction of consuming products and services, extract insight for product and service development, and find ways to reengage with the past customers.

    These tools are capable of collecting data in social media by exploring the voices of customers, sentiment on discussed topics and keywords we determined. Nowadays, they applied AI to detect whether the sentiments are positive, negative or neutral.

  2. Core feature of Social listening / Social monitoring

    Fundamentally, the social Listening and monitoring tools could determine topics and keywords for sentiment analysis; select the social media channels to access data; categorize the sentiment of the determined topics and keywords whether it is positive or negative , and alert the determined topics and keywords especially the negative ones. Monitoring the negative topics and keywords including the complaints on products and services will lead the businesses to have a conversation with the source of those topics and keywords to solve the problems in time before the crisis happens.

The social listening tools developed in Thailand

1. Mandala Analytics


Mandala Analytics 
Developed by Ocean Skynet, Mandala Analytics is capable of searching the standard criteria for the awareness purpose; researching the insight online relating to the brands and competitors’ together with marketing and consumer behaviour; discovering and curating the right content and creative to serve the right audience, understanding customers’ need from the data extracted from social media to close the sales more effectively; exploring the customers’ need for product and service innovation and open for the new business opportunities; and find the key opinion leaders and the trends.

Review Mandala Analytics

2. Zanroo Social Listening Tool


Zanroo is an effective tool for data collection, product development, demand research and formulation of marketing strategy. Extracting insight from the influencer, determining trends, analyzing the social behaviours from the executed campaign, managing brand health and reputation, monitoring daily topics which could become a serious case in the future, and seeding products and services could also be supported.

However, Zanroo has unique selling points including pattern recognition, auto-sentiment, multi-level keywords structure and the auto-tagging functions to deeply dive into the product segment, campaign, and attributes.

Zanroo” Product & Services

zanroo product

3. SocialEnable – Social Listening Tool

For sentiment analysis, SocialEnable is utilized by adding keywords like “ลุงพล”. “ลุงพล”,”ป้าแต๋น”,”น้องชมพู่” are mentioned in all channels by 8,691 mentions including Facebook (4,131 mentions), Twitter (2,346), Youtube (196), Instagram (1,792), Blogs and News websites (182) and web board (27).

After the sentiment analysis, “ลุงพล” and ”ป้าแต๋น” are mentioned positively by 31.94%, negatively by 30.16% and neutral by 37.9%.

Review SocialEnable

4. Zocial EYE – Social Listening Tool


As the social listening tool, Zocial Eyes could recognize the customer satisfaction on the product and service from all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pantip, Webboard, News and Blog. The insight could be extracted to develop the marketing plan and measure the online marketing performance.

Zocial Eye can realize the needs and behaviours of the customers for product development; analyze The real-time data from the brand and competitor; measure the performance of product and service; explore the insight, trends and selling channels; get feedback, engagement and involved influencers for real-time content; and evaluate the impact from the brand communication through sentiment analysis and crisis management.


Mini Review : Zocial EYE

5. BrianSocial Listening Tools

แนะนำ Marketing Analytics Platform "Brian"

Marketing Analytics Platform “Brian”

Developed by

Brian’s modules include Website Analytics, Ads Analytics & Explorer, PR Analytic, and Social listening tools & Content Analytics. I found Ads Analytics & Explorer interesting as it is capable of tracking the competitors’ ads from all channels including Facebook ads, advertorials from blogs and display banners. Other modules are similar to and other listening tools.

แนะนำ Marketing Analytics Platform "Brian"

Review Brian

Demo : Social Listeninng by Martechthai

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