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Parabola เป็นเครื่องมือจัดการ Data แบบ Drag and Drop

Manage data with just DRAG & DROP by Parabola.io , that’s right you read it correctly only Drag and drop. An interesting iPaas Martech Tool that help integrate data from various applications. It also help transform and manage data such as 
– able Mathematic for example Sum Value in Row and Column
– Replace value by learning pattern from RegEx 
– Add Date & Time in column 
– fulfill location data with Address or Zip code
– Define duplicate data and manage its.
Another Mathematic task that really fascinating that we tried was Lead Scoring from CRM data . We pulled Lead data from CRM under Hubsport, then we assigned few command
– given point as if Lead show VP = 3 points and Director = 2 points
– Scoring by job title as point designed 
– if duplicate then “delete” 
– show point as new column in Lead data 

Parabola เครื่องมือสร้างการทำงานอัตโนมัติในการ ดึง-รวม-และแปลงข้อมูล


Above activity were sample by MarTech Thai exploring but yet more to explore more service by Parabola.io 

  • – Sales Reporting
  • – Marketing Reporting
  • – Customer Management
  • – Inventory Management
  • – Connect Tools and Data
  • – Ecommerce CompaniesOperations Teams

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