MarTech Conference Thailand 2018

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It’s over! for the event of the year: Introduction to MarTech World

I, the founder of Marketing Technology Thailand Group and Digital Strategist, was invited by Ex Academy to be a special guest speaker on 12 July 2019 at True Space, Siam Square Soi 2.

As for the contents in the MarTech that were discussed:

  • What is Marketing Technology and how it is developed?
  • Benefit/Impact for stakeholders
  • Opportunity to open new markets for Entrepreneur/Startup
  • Marketers can take full advantage of the tool.
  • Adaptations or new services from Digital Agency/Consultancy
  • New roles and responsibilities of Software Developers, Implementors
  • Taking advantage of the new Analyst, Data Scientist data sources
  • New Job Opportunity from the growth of Marketing Technology
Impact for New Roles & Responsibilities

Marketing Tech Evolution from Past to Future, the fast-growing evolution of Martech that marketers must try to learn and invest.

Marketing technology (Martech), tools, and platforms are developed to take advantage of marketing activities for easier marketing campaign management, more communication with customers, and more accurate measurement. etc. In some cases, we may see integrated marketing technology called “Martech”.

Marketing Technology Landscape

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What are the characteristics of Marketing technology?
For the most part, a tool called Marketing Technology has the following characteristics:

  • Most platforms are Software as a service and run-on Cloud service rather than On-Premise.
  • Expenses are paid monthly/yearly and have a variety of cost structures such as variable prices based on the number of users, variable prices based on the number of customers listed in the system, variable prices based on the number of Traffic, etc.
  • Deploy faster than On-Premise software.
  • Ready-to-use design. All customers in the system will see the same Feature / Function.
  • Since some Martechs have been in the market for a long time, customers have a wide range of business types, so they are constantly improving the system or creating new features to support almost all types of marketing problems.
  • This tool is usually managed by the marketing team and uses very few resources from the IT department.
  • But it is necessary to plan long-term deployment, integration and consistent marketing strategy.

5. Lesson Learned from Global Tech Stacks. 

6. Strategize for Marketing Technology Implementation.(Business impact/ROI)

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