Review Sprout Social : Social Media Analytics Across Platforms

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Review Sprout Social : Social Media Analytics Across Platforms

One for all SOCIAL Analytics with “Sprout Social” – Handful & Powerful Solution to unlock all your social channel insight. Platform It covers 4 core features: Listening, Engagement, Analytic, Publishing – with additional of “Advocacy” functions. Let’s quickly explore, why this platform so powerful and even get awarded by top-tier software review sites since 2021 to 2022.

1. As Social Listening Platforms

: one of key tool for present marketing like Social Listening, Sprout’s Listening allows to collect 1.1 Audience analysis – understand audience preferences to support future marketing & business planning and strategy.
1.2 Customer Feedback – consumer’s attitudes always great to collect and useful to manage and drive customer experience.
1.3 Customer Research: basically to know your audience demographic
1.4 Influencer Recognition: straight forward, track whom would be advocates to your marketing goal
1.5 Sentiment Research – drive your brand positioning by explore consumers’ voices toward to your brand and competitors.
1.6 Campaign Analysis – Measurable and trackable to all marketing campaigns 
1.7 Competitor Comparison – explore competitors and overall industry to find an opportunity.
1.8 Trend Identification – quick capture to define and drive real-time relate marketing communication.

2. As Engagement Tools

Everything in one place to help manage and respond to social channels, allow to capture all “Inbox” in one place, manage message crisis level by “Spike Alerts”, social “Review Management” link Tripadvisor, drive personalize with “Social CRM” features, Team reports to know responding timing, allow to create “Chat-bot” as quickly and easy, “Delegate” responsibility to team and able to collect type of message by “Tagging”

3. As Publishing Tools

: aside from standard Publishing tool like Scheduling, Asset Library, Shared Content Calendar or Message Workflows management, it also has incredibly features such as “URL Tracking” to define traffic in GA, Campaign monitoring, and referral traffics or “Social Commerce”, scheduling sale driven post with trackable and tag-able.

4. As Analytics Tools

: all metrics you needed like Performance, Competitor, or even Team and Task Report, and many more. It covers social network such as FB, TW, IG, IN, Pin, or even TikTok. So, simplest to manage all mess insight in single places

Finally, additional of Advocacy – a place to share, improve and curated social content with team idea sharing across all social platforms.

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